What Is It? Safari
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Inside this book an adventure is waiting! Each painting is a challenge. Can you guess what the bird is? Don't worry, you'll have plenty of clues. Once you've mastered it, you'll have fun sharing this book with the rest of your family to see if they guess correctly. What Is It? books contain equal measures of knock-your-socks-off gorgeous paintings, cool photographs, amazing sounds, flaps to open and all kinds of facts you probably didn't know before. Parents will find this book to be a great tool to get your kids reading. Children will be captivated by the images and sounds. Your young readers will be engaged in guessing the identity of each animal. Activating the sounds and lifting the flaps will spark their imaginations and show them different ways of looking at the world. What Is It? Books feature art by Bob Metropulos, Jr.
  • Item #: 978-0-9835672-1-9

What Is It? Safari

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